1975 Triumph TR6

For your consideration we have a stunningly original 1975 Triumph TR6. An original matching numbers, low mileage, rust free California car. Everything about this car is original and unmolested.

The exterior is an original Delft blue paint with red pin striping along the body which matches the red-lined tires to perfection. The body is nice and straight without any evidence of ever being in an accident. Looking around the car all hardware looks to be correct and original. The underside is so clean and completely rust free. There are some small dents on the doors and some minor blemishes on the paint (see picture), but overall this Triumph is really in great condition considering it is original paint that is over 4 decades old. The chrome is excellent, and all windows are clear without cracks or scratches. The tires are worn and cracked and will need to be replaced before any serious driving takes place.

The low mileage of this car is reflected by how lovely this TR6 runs and drives. Equipped with a brand new interstate battery, from cold this Triumph starts right up with the pull of the choke, and settles into a nice healthy idle as it comes up to temperature. There are no signs of overheating and the car shows good oil pressure. The engine is very powerful on this car and it performs extremely well, better than most TR6’s that we service. The gearbox is nice and tight without any unwanted vibrations, grinding of gears, or rattling. This car does have the very desirable overdrive option and it works perfectly which is a great addition when you have to keep up with hustle and bustle of today’s fast paced roadways. The brake pedal is nice and firm and when pulling up to a stop this TR pulls up nice and straight with no fuss or vibration. Although all the correct smog equipment is in place and working, I believe this car is California smog exempt due to its April of seventy five build date.

The original shadow blue interior is in very good condition, and compliments the car very well. It’s rare to find a TR with original shadow blue interior in this sort of condition as it not the most forgiving color. This Triumph has all the correct carpeting and trim as it left the factory, the only interior pieces that look to be aftermarket is the center console and headrests. The door panels are in good shape and not sagging, and the seats are nice and padded without any signs of wear or tear. The shadow blue convertible top cover is in great condition and the buttons snap on into place as they should. The original black convertible top is good with some signs of wear, but definitely in very usable condition. Some of the stitching for the side window on the top is coming apart in one spot, but it’s very minor. The top goes up and down with ease and fits into its compartment properly when it’s down.

The dash top is in good shape with only a few small cracks. The wood is in great condition considering its age. The electrical system is very functional. All gauges are in working order along with the headlights (high and low beam), sidelights, reverse lights, brake lights, and self canceling indicators. The horn works as well as the windshield wipers, however the washers do not.

If you are looking for a solid TR6 that has overdrive and has been kept very original, this is the car for you! I cannot stress enough just how nicely this car drives, this is not always the case -even with fully restored cars. As always I would advise inspecting the car in person if at all possible.  Please call for an appointment or with any questions you may have, (310)833-1525 Monday-Friday 7am to 5pm Pacific time.

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